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from texas to florida. >> 90s from florida and boston and the plains. 80s from detroit and billings, warming up to the 70s in seattle. >>> coming up next, the airlines are asking you to dig a little deeper. >>> plus, some actual good news about the nation's housing market. business news is next. >>> also, those olympic uniforms that we told you so much about. a new deal clearing the way for them to be made in america. >>> welcome back, everybody. there is a new sign at the housing market has turned the corner. nationwide home values have posted their first annual increase since 2007, showing a slight gain from june 2011 and last month. home values appeared to have bottomed out back in february. >>> if you're flying this summer and haven't booked your ticket, get ready to pay more. big domestic carriers are hiking fares as much as $10 a round trip. united made the first move and, of course, the others quickly followed. on the flip side, fall airfare sales are starting to move. of course, you have to pay for baggage. >>> and speaking of false sales, back to school is back in full swin
, thunderstorms across much of texas, the south and florida. scattered showers from the carolinas, up to the nation's capital. also, a chance of showers around st. louis, des moines and omaha. >> mostly 80s from the western plains to the northeast. 90s in the rockies and from dallas to atlanta. 112 in phoenix. >>> coming up next after the break, the mad scramble after a popular pain reliever is pulled off the shelves. what a bottle of excedrin is getting on the black market. >>> and starbucks. the chain today. >>> and there's no place like home. the all-star slugger who crushed it at the home run derby. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, gas prices are heading up again. they've increased 6 cents just in the past week. now, the national average is about $3.61 a gallon. that is still 23 cents a gallon less than a year ago. >>> and big news from europe overnight. spain's banks are getting a bailout. in the wee hours finance ministers agreed to a package of at least $37 million by the end of the month with more to come. europe's debt crisis has been a drag on other countries, as such as t
in an instant. lightning killing two men in texas. downpours turn into roads and rivers. scorching heat returning today. >>> held hostage, an american church pastor taken by kidnappers in egypt. desperately in need of his medication. >>> three-day delay. irate passengers revolting after their china to new york flight is canceled again and again and again. >>> sound of silence. a pair made in rock 'n' roll heaven. paul mccartney, bruce springsteen, a perfect concert until someone pulled the plug. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm john muller. >> i'm sunny hoss tin. >> dangerous heat back for millions of americans. >> it's only part of severe weather. killing two men in texas who ran for cover during a soccer match. >> the swift thunderstorm surprised the players. they took refuge under a tree which was a fatal mistake. >> i souheard what sounded like bomb go off. i saw lightning hit the tree and burst to the ground. >> reporter: it struck three people. one man died instantly, another man died at the hospital and one died instantly. racing water stunned drivers in washington state and made
with his dad timmy and i cannot believe he is out there and doing so well. for a guy from texas, this weather is not bad. >> i mean, i will take this humidity over texas heat any day. i feel comfortable out here. it will be fine. if you do not pay attention to the elements and let them play a factor, then you should be ok. >> heat we did today-- he tweeted today, "pleawse, god turn on the a/c. >> a final look at the forecast we come back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors campaign supporters special interestst groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 miion taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> the storms are out there. >> they are getting a bit closer. you can see that line that has had a history of a lot of damage is getting into seven parts of pennsylvania.
at the mandarin oriental hotel in the district. he campaigned in san antonio texas, where he again attacked mitt romney's record. >> i do not -- i do not want pioneers of outsourcing in the white house. let's bring those jobs back home. >> later, president obama defended his record and focused on social issues well speaking at an event hosted by a gay and lesbian rights group. the democratic presidential nominee has not won texas since 1976. yesterday, mitt romney state in the north. he campaigned outside pittsburgh as he target the president's record on jobs and the economy. >> he has to recognize that his policies have failed to get america working again. my guess is that he wonders why that is. i have the answer for him -- liberal policies do not make good jobs. [applause] >> this afternoon, romney will hold a town hall in bowling green, obama. >> the number of foreign workers looking for work in america is on the rise. let's go to linda bell. >> hello. foreign-born engineers and scientists -- companies are now increasingly -- they are increasingly finding homes nationwide. a report by the br
shootings last week. family and friends gathered in honor him. another victim was remembered in texas. brother encouraged family to turn the tragedy something positive. had narrowly escaped a shooting incident at a malt less than two before her tragic death. >> you chase those dreams. not know how long you have. a private service was held in lake, ill.. a court document filed friday was a james holmes patient of the university of colorado's psychiatrist. expected to be formally charged on monday. >> her family has set up a scholarship in her name. >> the call rodham movie theater has sparked a renewed debate over gun control -- the movie theater massacre debaterked a renewed over gun control. romneynt obama and mitt issue thist the week. we recognize the traditions of gun ownership, hunting and part of the .herished national heritage believe that gun owners ak-47s belongthat in the hands of soldiers, not in of criminals. >> the real point has to relate individuals that are distressed and to keep them from terrible acts. >> this week, at an extensive punishment following the jerry case
>>> good morning, america. extreme weather and a flash flood emergency from texas to north carolina, this morning. two dozen high-water rescues in the raging waters of san antonio. this woman jumped from her car into the deep water on the interstate. and much more rain on the way. >>> also breaking overnight, 28 climbers caught in the path of a deadly avalanche in the alps. at least nine injured, five dead, and the rest missing. a frantic search and rescue right now on the growing disaster in the mountains. >>> knockout. kristin chenoweth, knocked out by a scaffold and a seizure on her hit show. she was rushed to the hospital. we'll have the latest on her condition. >>> and watch out. >> it's a shark. >> a family vacation turns wild when a little fishing off the deck reels in the shock of a lifetime. yep. that's a big, old shark. in the most unexpected place. we'll talk live to all about their jaw-dropping tale. >> my favorite shot. >> everyone here today. i think it's demeanor the wardrobe. you're all bright. and gray suits over there. >> you look great, george. >> let's keep it. >
to texas. pop-up showers from minneapolis, des moines, chicago. thunderstorms from albuquerque and cheyenne. >> 101 in boise. 90s from billings to salt lake city. 80s across the midwest and northeast. >>> in other news this morning, computer users could be dealing with a monday morning meltdown. this is doomsday for a virus that's been lurking for months. more than 50,000 compute ners this country and more around the world could be disrupted around the world. the fbi set up a safety net to protect computers. the backup system ran out today. >>> six u.s. service members have been killed by a road side bomb in afghanistan. an american tank ran over a bomb last night. and afghan president hamid karzai is in tokyo. a group of donees is offering $16 billion in development aid to his country. in return for the aid, afghanistan vowed to improve things and fight violence. >>> they're counting the ballots in libya. final results will not be in for a few days. partial results give the edge to a western-leaning liberal alliance. if that holds, it would buck the trend where arab spring movements led to
of a gruesome crash in texas has tied. 15 people have passed away and 8 are still in this hospital after sunday's crash. all 23 people packed into the truck are believed to be illegal immigrants who had just crossed into texas. >>> and the los angeles city is cracking down on medical marijuana shops. some neighbors who lived near pot shops have complained. if the mayor approves this crackdown, patients and caregivers will still be allowed to grow their own. >>> and return to the olympics, the opening ceremony is set for friday but the games start today believe it or not. six women's soccer games on the docket. >> the usa takes the field against france in london. good luck to the ladies of the u.s. of a. >> here we go, olympics time. in the meantime we have highlights from last night's baseball action. it was a little rough out there. all of the highlights from espn. >> good morning, welcome to the "sportscenter" update. i'm zubin mehenti let's go to the pacific north west. top third, derek jeter, grounding into the double play. king has a 1.49 e.r.a. in the last five starts. top of the sixth. f
without electricity for millions. >>> stranded. the cross-country flight forced to touch down in texas. passengers stuck in an airport for nearly a day. >>> and stowaways. imagine finding these guys in your car. >>> good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin with holiday security on this morning before we mark the nation's birthday. >> intelligence officials tell us that no specific threat has been identified ahead of the july 4th holiday. but they say there's continuing concern about plots involving al qaeda's affiliate in yemen. that means anyone attending a big independence day celebration is likely to see stepped-up security, particularly in new york, philadelphia and washington. >>> also this morning, iran's powerful revolutionary guard is conducting major military exercises. it launched several missiles this morning, including long-range ones, capable of hitting u.s. ships in the persian gulf. these war games coincide with the start of an oil embargo by the european union. the u.s. is quietly increasing its forces in the region. >>> july f
. one woman was struck by lightning and is in critical condition. two workers were killed in texas when powerful winds toppled a construction crane at the university of texas campus. >> in colorado, firefighters have had their hands full bat line wild fires and now heavy rain is causing a problem near boulder, colorado. the biggest wild fire near colorado springs is now 98% contained. the fire has caused more than $110 million in damage. >> the storms continue to roll through parts of our area. >> quite a scare tonight. >> a positive light in strikes -- a lot of people thought it was an earthquake in upper northwest d.c.. it is strongest -- some of the strong as lightning strikes. it lasted about five or 10 seconds. the skies outside right now are not so bad, mostly cloudy, giving us a bit of a cool them but not before we broke yet another record at brigham national airport. 102 degrees working our fourth day in a row at 100 degrees or better at reagan national. the average is 89 degrees and we actually had below average temperatures in the seven-day outlook. dallas, not qui
victims in a mass shooting was 47. that was at the university of texas back in 1966 were 16 people died. the deadly shooting in u.s. history, just five years ago and not far from here at virginia tech. 32 people were killed. >> the other big story we're following, we will continue to of continuing coverage of the movie theater shooting and have constant updates as new information becomes available on air and on our website at even find the latest pictures and videos. we will have live coverage starting at 5:00. another big story, the storm that crashed through last night. more on the way this afternoon as well as this evening. >> for the latest on that, let's turn to steve. >> more rain out there and mainly to the west of us right now. if you are in the district, arlington, alexandria, you might want to grab your umbrella before you head out the door. looking at heavier rain right now. we do have a flash flood watch the just went into effect. it is going to extend into the evening hours. travel plans if you're heading out toward atlanta, expects some delays. detroit, chicago i
texas. wet roads in the four corners. late-day rain will drench highways across much of the northeast. >>> airport delays possible later on in detroit and chicago. >>> victims of the movie theater shooting were remembered at a vigil last night. the mayor said, while our hearts are broken, our community is not. >> with more, here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: there are so many faces, so many stories. the oldest, gordon cowden. he took his two teens with him that night. they escaped. youngest victim, 6 years old, veronica moser-sullivan. her mother, shot in the neck, clings to life. >> she was such a wonderful little girl. so sad she had to have life taken away from her so early. >> jon blunk threw his girlfriend on the floor. matt mcquinn jped on his girl and took the bullet instead. alex teves just finished school. a.j. boik dreamed of being an art teacher. alex sullivan turned 27 on friday. posted on facebook, going to be the best birthday ever. micayla medek was there, too. rebecca wingo was a mother of two. jesse krild resz died a hero, diving in front of a friend. john larime
. no word on a motive. least 13 people dead and tadmor heard after iraq in southern texas. the texas highway patrol said all 23 people were crammed into the bed of the cab of one pickup truck when it veered off the highway and crashed into some trees. border patrol agents are helping in the investigation. it's not clear if those in the truck were illegal immigrants. officials are not sure what started the accident. search is underway for a missing man in oxon hill. a silver alert has been issued for 73-year-old leander cooper, last seen dropping his wife off yesterday morning and washington hospital center in northwest d.c. he suffers from dementia and high blood pressure and was last seen driving a 2006 silver city trailblazer with maryland tags. there are new developments in the campaign scandal surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray. there are reports that his campaign kept an authorized and possibly even illegal database of public housing residents for get-out-the-vote efforts. the washington post reports the database had names addresses and phone numbers of 6000 residents. the d.c. housing
in oklahoma and texas where a terrible drought continues. for us, more showers tomorrow, a most unusual july day. it will stay below 80 degrees. i know you want to hear about it. >> we look the below 80's. tonight's rainfall is the last thing people in parts of the district want to see especially those living in the flood-ravaged bloomingdale section of the district and the clean-up efforts. >> this area, as you know, has flooded badly for a number of years and for the last 10 days three different storms have hit and people are in anticipation of another. this is insane. this has become an all too familiar scene in the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> i never seen this ever in my life. >> when the residents came home 10 days ago they had three inches of water. >> that's not good. should we open the door? >> from the afternoon into the early evening -- residents prepared for the worst. >> packing sandbags. >> hoping to prevent more of this. jeremy has had to tear sheetrock off his walls and caused $10,000 worth of damage and shirley brown said it cost e
tomorrow. after fund-raisers in texas last night, the president is well ming the is welco baylor bears to the white house. at first there was a book, then movie, now, an elaborate stage show. the cast ofoined by to train your dragon live spectacular." the u.s. government facing a over the decision to kill a u.s. citizen deemed to be terrorist. >> we have some possible minister andense killeder officials were in a suicide bombing. defense minister and two other officials were killed. brother in law was killed. the families of three u.s. killed in drawn strikes yemen have filed a wrongful lawsuit today with the american civil liberties union. top cia and u.s. military are violating their constitutional rights, they say. of government says that one killed have direct ties to terrorism. imagine your sitting in front computer plane some games when armed men burst in. keep an eye on the right side of your screen. you can see two men trying to rob an internet cafe. the 71-year-old pulls out his own gun and starts shooting. he chases them out the door. old were caught- a short time later. will
.c. and maryland and have called for extra help from as far as a wayaway as texas. and texas 92-year-old morris clark says that his health and his patience is weakening. >> it's getting worse every day i and i'm getting weaker each day. the service gets worse every year. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray says -- >> the irony is pepco has a request for a rate increase. >> residents in the district tell us in the past several months pepco has been cutting down and cutting back trees to try to stop this from happening. those same residents say they are very frustrated because even though some of the trees have been cut, the power is still not on. reporting live in northwest, jummy olabanji. >> outages creating a domino effect as many traffic lights are still out of. that makes the commutes' even longer and more frustrating for drivers. john gonzalez is in bethesda with more on that part of the story. >> it is truly remarkable how dark it is in bethesda maryland. this is old georgetown. rd. and democracy georgetown you know how busy this intersection usually is. it is dark for miles in each direction. mo
employees behind the boat -- behind the wheel of buses and cars were found making illegal turns. texas city has responded. -- >> this city has responded. >> a spokesman says the issue is commonplace. cars racing through this intersection to make a left turn long after the arrow has turned red. as we saw for ourselves this can lead to some very close calls for pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> we see this every day. >> watch as this at brazen bus driver falling behind a police car illegally take a left turn on red. >> is a race to get through the light, not race to stop at the like. >> you have to follow the laws. >> pedestrians obeying the walks signal tried to pass. >> that is that there and let the bus passed right through progress over and over again because bands and even, cruisers running the red light aero at that time is right in front of officers. >> it runs right through the red light and they don't do anything. >> this intersection continues to be a trouble spot for pedestrians like himself. >> i have been nearly hit a couple of times with cars just tearing right around. they are n
. >> a warmer planet means we have a greater likelihood of being unlucky. the chances of texas seeing another drought. colorado seeing another epic year of wildfires. all of these things become far more likely. >> reporter: it is also getting hotter at sea. in 2011, the second smallest area of ice on record. and over the last century sea levels have risen by 10 inches. at this pace by 2050, parts of cities like miami and new or leans will be underwater. and forecasters say the is possible the heat wave we just had is just the first one of the summer. there its another mass of warm air out west ready to roll this way. rob and sunny. >> sobering news, thank you, scott. >>> the intense summer heat is taking a toll on fish from the midwest down to the south. thousand of trout, carp and other fish have died as the hot weather heats up ponds and lakes and fish hatcheries like this one in north carolina. hatchery workers are scrambling to keep the water code. there is not much they can do. when temperatures get this high. >> terrible. >> unbelievable. that map is telling, miami, new orleans, cities
texas. i'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. >> i noticed it was 93 in orlando today. >> yes. >> you'll be happy to be in new york. >> a little cooler here. >> thanks, brian. >>> at a time when so many people are looking for work, we've found an employer so desperate to fill jobs, he's offering an amazing perk. >> it's not just a paid vacation. the company gives you cash money you can use to go anywhere you want. but as clayton sandell explains, there is a catch. >> reporter: at a time when more companies seem to be dumping workers, bart can't find enough. >> we're competitor for the top talent. >> reporter: to recruit and keep happy programmers turning out lines of code. the flip-flop-wearing founder and ceo of this denver internet start-up is now offering what he calls paid paid vacation. >> $7,500, before taxes. >> reporter: you heard right. every employee gets 7,500 bucks every year for a dream vacation to anywhere. but the guy who may be the best boss ever, has rules. >> one, you actually have to take a vacation to get the money. two, you have to disconnect from
to the requisite news of the absurd. a court case over custody of a monkey. in texas. the primate in question made a court appearance. john muller is on the case. >> reporter: strange noises and an air on monkey business fill a courtroom. a custody battle with a texas-sized twist. the kind of courtroom surprise reserved for a hollywood farce. it's over kiko. donning a polka dot dress, the monkey in the middle of a custody battle between debbie burg and a mississippi woman who wasn't in court who claims the monkey was hers before it was repossessed. zw devastating. it would be hard on kiko, too. imagine taking a 6-year-old child and putting it into a home it doesn't know. >> reporter: burg said she bought kiko as a kon companion for her other monkey. with both in court, it was a cage full of monkeys. the texas judge and lawyer taking the monkeying around in stride. >> i wouldn't want to turn them loose this the courtroom. but it was kind of a delight to have them here. >> it's a good break from the normal lawsuits. >> reporter: as she strolled out of court, kiko seems pleased with the justice. the
followed. some giants players compared the nationalists to texas saying they are right there with them. they continue to light up there once sleeping offense outscoring their opponents by 25 runs. it is the real deal and everyone is buying in. >> it has been a team effort. you look at the numbers from the guys. everybody in the lineup is chipping in. it has been nicely to put some more runs up and get away from 2-1 games and give guys a little bit of a cushion. >> you do not have to be a tennis fan to know roger federer is among the elite. he is a 6 time grand slam winner and went up against -- he is one away from tying the record. a lot of flags must've been waving today. andy murray and did britain's semifinal jinx. he has to enjoy it. he struggled a bit but put it away with a forehand. quite the break for him since he lost the last three years in the semis. history could be made today for the first time ever, tiger woods and phil mickelson made both miss at the same time. he is currently one over while phil mendelson has already finished. for the second straight day you can see it o
that reportedly heard a man from texas. >> and in his tv goes flying into the air -- and an suv goes flying into the air. this is not a stunt however. >> and a security alert for the fourth of july weekend. >> and >> we are following a developing story in iraq. 30 people have been killed in bombings all across the nation. the wave of attacks hit for several cities. the worst last is in the city 40 miles south of baghdad which killed 25 people in the credit market. >> law-enforcement in major cities across the country are increasing their guard for terrorist threats. >> as millions of american celebrity for the july tomorrow their eyes are focused on the fireworks burst overhead. local and state law-enforcement will be looking for any potential threat. it is likely will see a stronger security presence this year. >> there is always the concern during national holidays in the united states for the following reasons. it is symbolic to trim strips. and to launch an attack coming particular to be successful on that day, it would be big deal for them. >> former fbi agent brad garrett. >> law enfo
'll not believe how far some fans drove to check out the action. >> from texas. >> how far is that? >> 29 hours. >> i have done that drive before. that is not a short one. jummy olabanji will have a live report in our next hour. >> you didn't drive for football in tehran not for football. just for college. >>storms are sweeping across the nation, but the drought is worsening. >> starbucks investors may weigh week -- be waking up and smelling the coffee. >> good morning. not happy for the drought situation. the problem is apparently rapidly intensifying. more than 20% of the nation is now under the worst stages of drought then last week. the drought hunter said 90% of topsoil in six states is now short of moisture. this is sparking growing concerns about food prices p. facebook shares are under pressure after the first earnings report as a publicly traded company disappointed investors. they revealed a slowing sales gains and shrinking margins. also news from starbucks -- a disappointing profit forecast blaming consumer pullback, and especially in europe. amazon reported the biggest profit drop
, texas. this comes as the attacks intensified between the president and mitt romney over romney's time at bain capital. yesterday romney's swung back in a new ad attacking the president's record and commitment to the middle class. today romney will attend a rally in pennsylvania. first lady michelle obama will make two campaign appearances in virginia this week. this comes a week after her arrest and spent two days in the crucial swing state. president obama's campaign confirmed to appear in charlottesville and fredericksburg on friday. >> google + encroaching on facebook's territory. >> fed chair ben bernanke answers to congress today. here's linda bell with more. >> good morning. job growth is one of the key items that the fed chairman will likely be asked about today when he's scheduled to deliver his semi-annual report on the economy. last month the fed extended its operation twist program designed to lower long-term borrowing costs in an effort to boost our economy. tomorrow he speaks before the house financial services committee. wall street is keeping a close eye on quarterly ea
agonizing 16-hour delay. an emergency landing in texas forced passengers to sleep on airport floors and basically fend for themselves. as abc's alex michaelson reports, there was a medical emergency on board that triggered the incident. >> reporter: a trip many of these people took to the disney world did not come with a fairy tale ending. the stranded passengers started on up nighted flight from orlando, bound for lax, passenger ice rtinez, an icu nurse, responded when the crew asked for medical personnel on board. >> what i was about to face, a man, diabetic patient, passenger, completely unresponsive, just in the back of the plane. >> reporter: a come of ski patrol officers then performed cpr they say for about 30 minutes. >> we were hoping for the best. just do what you are trained to do. >> reporter: the plane made an emergency landing in midland, texas where the man was rushed to the hospital. >> the pilot said he was dead. then the next morning, they said that he was still alive and just in intensive care at the hospital. >> reporter: passengers say they were told there were
of actor helmsley. >> the 74-year-old was found yesterday at his home in el paso, texas. his career spanned 40 years, and been best known for his since.""projects well we're movin' on up to the east side to a delux apartment ♪ the sky >> from the first time the song in 1975, two things were true, but he would asays be known to the world georgia% and that on the day he an african- be known.ould he started on "all in the family." a middle- spinoff, familyfrican-american american family enjoyed over 11 seasons. not bad for a child raised by a mother who worked in a factory delivered mail while he was studying to be an actor. in his 74 years he moved up and us with him. i had a chance to meet him guy, very great personable, kills good to be around someone like that. 72 degrees right now. >> still ahead, behind-the- of "modern family," how the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. the cast could be threatening future of the comedy. excuse us, while we change into something morcomfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. naupa 5:00 hour investigators looking into the lead
. this family brought their grandchildren who visited from texas. not the best >> we lost power friday night around 10:30. >> they miss the air- conditioning. denied their power is back thrilled to be here. one issue is the heat. it never gets this hot in ohio from.this family is prius it is a little warm, but we are still having a great time. is ar many, this tradition. lisa alvarez has brought her was in asince she stroller. >> big comedown like shooting stars. they fall down on you and it's .orgeous come down like shooting stars. they did not disappoint this year. fact it was hotter the crowd arrived later than usual. by the time the fireworks went me, it seemed like the crowds were as big as they normally are. tom roussey reporting. >> now to business news. members of congress and other officials in the nation's given discounted by one of the lenders behind the subprime mortgage crisis. also, government leaders have enjoying the perks of free service as the u.s. postal bleede continues to billions. linda bell joins us live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. morning. >> good m
. he hosted a workout in waco, texas two weeks ago. if he wants a deal done by sunday i will guarantee you it will get done. we know that his contract will most likely be four years $21 million including a $14 million signing bonus. they have signed seven of their nine draft picks. i really believe this will happen by the end of the weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending move money with a slide and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ ♪ >> a possible hazmat situation at to be w i airport. a plan was offloaded and crews are looking at the situation. we will have more on >> a beautiful evening. heat and humidity return. bob what a president belieieves matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing us jobs to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. he fought to save the us auto industry and favors tax cuts for com
death comes as we also learned that actor sherman died at his home in el paso, texas. he was best known as -- for his of george jefferson on "the jeffersons." it is unclear how he died. he was 74 years old. show -- at popular threatening.s six stars of "modern family" together and suing 20 century fox. that contracts other works, from is illegal in california. they are also talking about caps. studios declined to comment. we love that show. .et's talk about the weather ready for a break? one day? we take what we can get. it is summer outside tonight. , sort oflot of clouds above us that did protect us from some of that weather that hit to our south. today wasemperature 93 -- 93. right now it is 83 degrees and less humid. earlier wind gusts around clarksburg, 41 miles per hour. not officially a severe storm was a little bit of spot that it had damaged. look at our temperatures. part of the country, droughte terrible continues. omaha and kansas city, 103 degrees. an idea of that more dry coming our way. spots like st. louis -- it was 107 degrees today. the record is 111. can you imagine t
. >> she recently moved from san antonio texas to denver. her boyfriend's father described his injuries. >> it had missed the vital thank god, so he was doing ok. >> a teenager from baton rouge louisiana, was shot during the shooting and is currently in surgery. she was on a church trip passing through the area. on the night jessica died she was tweeting talking about how excited she was and in her last tweet, said "the movie does not start for 20 minutes. >> another set for us to remember the name of those killed and not the name of the coward you did this attack. >> james holmes, police still let not been able to enter his apartment because they believe it was beebe trapped. he was in colorado -- they believe his apartment was bobby trapped. >> strong words from michael bloomberg, new york city mayor. he challenged both presidential candidates to get specific about how they would address violence. >> words are nice and maybe it is nice for the two people who want to be president of the united states him stand up and tell us what they want to do about it. >> mayor bloomberg is just one
but because of the explosion is unknown. two people are dead in a car pileup in texas. many drivers were caught up in a dust storm-a which turned into a thunderstorm. firefighters had to pull to people from their cars. two others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. arlington leaders have now signed off on a plan to let streetcars to the columbia pike. it will cost more than two and $50 million. -- more than $250 million. >> traffic sharing the road with modern-style streakers. >> i always thought it was a good idea because are lean -- because arlington its unique. >> the arlington county board agree to move forward with an ambitious $250 million plan to bring streakers to the area. >> i think it is a really great. it would really add to the culture. county board agree to move forward with an ambitious>> for a person who doesn't drive, could be good. >> it still has an number of hoops to jump through. planners are hoping federal and state lawmakers camp but nearly -- can foot nearly half the bill. >> it is extremely expensive. >> another obstacle convincing some residents th
a couple of -- mitt romney's campaign has organized a couple of events today. texas gov. rick perry will also campaigned for romney for a first time in a public event in nevada. >> investigators are trying to find out more about a suspicious device found on board a delta jet. the airplane was found -- was bound for madrid and returned to j.k. last night as a precaution. it was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. there was strange wiring in the bathroom but no explosive device was found. cleaning solvent is blamed for another scare in the air. some crew members aboard southwest airlines jet that took off from north polk became ill yesterday. crewmembers were taken to the hospital for observation. hazmat determined the source of a problem. the passengers then headed to their destination chicago, on another jet. >> wells fargo shells out millions in a settlement with the justice department over racial discrimination. >> and the ceo of jpmorgan chase is back in the car seat this morning. -- back in the hot seat this morning. >> happy friday. jpmorgan chase is up with their second qu
of a movie. that damaged buildings and uprooted trees. as of tonight no injuries are reported. >>> in texas, days of relentless rain in the houston area turned streets into rivers. swamping more than 100 homes. two feet of rain triggered a once in a century flood. in some neighborhoods, the only way you could get around is by both. flood warnings remain in effect through tomorrow morning. >>> and now, made in america. our report of those team usa uniforms made in china sparked outrage and now a major change in policy. the united states olympic committee said all future uniforms will be made in the usa. but we wondered why not change the uniforms for this year's games. and what about the flags our athletes will carry. are they made in america? >> reporter: you saw team usa's opening ceremony uniforms. >> you look dashing. >> reporter: and watch as we learned those classic american ralph lauren looks weren't exactly all american. >> china, china, china. >> reporter: our report set of widespread outrage. >> i think they should take all of the uniforms put them in a big pile and burn them. >> r
is tracking it all, beginning with abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: dangerous storms in texas today made a deadly strike. at a houston soccer game, spectators taking shelter under this tree were hit by lightning. two people were killed. a third, sent to the hospital. storm clouds are soaking parts of texas, arizona and washington state. flooding roads, leaving home owners with a soggy mess. >> when we woke up at 1:00, came out here, the water was already up here, we had exactly one hour to get everything up. >> reporter: from too much water to not enough, where it is desperately needed. sunday brought no day of rest for an army of nearly 2,000 firefighters near sacramento, california. the 2200 acre fire is forcing evacuations, threatening nearly 200 homes. >> this is definitely one of the more remote fires and some of the steepest slopes that leave seen a fire burn in. >> reporter: tonight, there is red flag fire weather in five states and heat advisories across a huge swath, from south dakota to the great lakes. forecasters are warning people to drink plenty of water and watch out for s
-pilot landed the plane in lubbock, texas. >> he started to curse at me and started to say you better pray, iraq, and iran. i so say, you know, you know what i'm going to show you what iraq and iran is. >> reporter: but captain osbon beat charges of interfering with a flight crew and today court transcripts obtained by abc news reveal the key testimony that freed him. a psychologist testified that all this was caused by a "brief psychotic disorder" caused by "sleep deprivation." there was no trial, the u.s. attorney's office did not dispute the diagnosis and the captain was found not guilty by reason of insanity by the judge and sent to a mental health facility in ft. worth, texas, for more treatment and perhaps some sleep. >> it is possible for sleep deprivation, especially in combination with jet lag to cause psychosis, but usually it's in those people who have ail preexisting diagnosis of psychiatrist disorder. >> reporter: the abc news investigative report unit has reported on pilot fatigue. pilots sleeping in crash pads or bedding down inside crew lounges at airports in philadelphia and new
and texas. stormy in the southwest, from new mexico to colorado. >> heating up in the west. 90s in the rockies. and triple digits from sacramento to phoenix. 80s from the dakotas to the east coast. 90s around new orleans and dallas. >>> coming up after the break, who says there's no much thing as a free lunch? why this is a great week, in fact, to score some giveaways at a restaurant near you. >>> plus, the teenager terrorized by a giant alligator. why sacrificing his arm saved his life. >>> and a rout at the all-star game. lopsided results with some implications for october. >>> welcome back, everybody. there is some good news this morning about the job market. u.s. employers seem to be hiring. they posted 200,000 more jobs in may than the month before. that was the second-highest level, almost four years, in fact. 13 million people still unemployed, there's still 3 1/2 job seekers for every opening. >>> american airlines is now looking at potential mergers. reports say the bankrupt carrier is considering five other airlines, including u.s. airways, which has been courting amer
announced it will not be matching the offer to jeremy lin, so he will be going back to texas. tuan pham took to the internet to express his frustration. >>-- one fan took to the internet. >> ♪ ♪ >> jeremy lin started out in texas and then was picked up by the knicks. and his career blew up last year and now he's making more money than rg3. >> i guess you need the dough and you are the jeremy helbii used to know. >> lin-sanity continues. and the heat continues. it will stick around one more day. and then finally a little relief on the way. lower humidity and slightly cooler temperatures for the weekend. waiting for the sun to rise in about a half-hour. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies as we start the day. 81 degrees at reagan national airport. we have not fallen below 80 degrees yet. in sandy spring in montgomery county, looking at 72 degrees at this hour. prince william county, woodbrige looking at 77. prince george's county hyattsville looking at 80 degrees at this hour. heat advisory from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 this evening. it's for the entire area including the district a
. >>> now, to texas, where a middle school principal is accused of using her daughter to plant a camera inside a girl's locker room. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> reporter: a hidden camera planted in the girls' locker room at this texas high school. and set to record during halftime at a basketball game. prosecutors allege, wendy long, a mom, principal and former school board member, did it not to see anyone changing. but to capture how her daughter's new coach talked to the team because her girls campaigned he e yelled too much. >> the intent was to invade the other person's privacy. >> reporter: what's more, prosecutors claim she had her 17-year-old daughter sneak the camera into the locker room and hide it. the grand jury did not indict her daughter. and the authorities say the cameras didn't record anything inappropriate. still, long was arrested and if convicted could face a $25,000 fine or even 20 years in prison. her attorney tells abc news, she is surprised and disappointed by the charges. and maintains, no laws were broken. that's not how this mom sees it. her daug
are down, roads are closed, trees flattened and more than 100 homes have been destroyed. >>> in texas, lightning strikes killed two men near a soccer field. the victims were among a group playing sock where a storm came up. they took shelter under a tree. one of the men was killed immediately. he was found with a large hole in his heel where that lightning struck. >> then i heard what sounded like a bomb go off. i looked to my left. and i could see the lightning strike hit the top of the tree, go all the way down to this person on the ground. >> there was three of them. one of them, he was breathing. then two of them stopped breathing. but one, they got to him. they got him alive. >> just two weeks ago another man from houston was killed by a lightning bolt. 13 people have died in the u.s. this year from lightning strikes. >>> the drought gripping much of the nation's farmland means less food for those who need it most. food banks are running short of local fresh produce. private and commercial gardeners usually donate their extra crops but not this year. >> a lot of those farmers who
this morning, surging floodwaters are a huge problem in the state of texas, where about 20 children attending a houston-area sports day camp got trapped inside a building. the water level rose to at least waist-high until three boats came to rescue the stranded kids, instructors and parents, as well. >>> it is time, now, for the weather across the country. you can expect severe storms over the great lakes and the dakotas. heavy hammering by hail and gusty wind. heavy downpours along the gulf coast. and rain showers in the midwest. >> sizzling summer temps in the high 90s around boise and billings. 103 in phoenix. everywhere else, mostly high 80s and low 90s. >> i don't care what the weather is like, it's the weekend. >> friday. >>> coming up, one industry where hiring is really flying high. >>> and one of the great flameouts of the internet age. wait until you hear what a once red-hot website has just sold for. >>> and later in "the pulse," "american idol" about to get another face-lift. who will be sitting in the judges' chairs now? >>> welcome back, everyone. the biggest home mortgage compa
digits in texas. >>> coming up negs after the break, a bad weekend for one ceo who just lost $150 million. >> that one is going to hurt a little bit. >> whoo! >> but good news for travelers. air fares on the verge of a dip. >>> and fear not all you "modern family" fans out there, the feud is over. the cast is getting a very healthy raise. >>> welcome back, everybody. it's a homecoming of sorts for the stock market today. for the first time in almost three months, the dow jones industrial average opening above 13,000. it gained 188 points on friday because of enkourning news from europe and a government report showing the economy did not slow as much as had been feared. >>> a problem with the new 787 dreamliner jet. debris from an engine started a grass fire over the weekend. five of the planes have been grounded. boeg says it still has confidence in its new jet. >>> and watch for airfares to come down soon, at least for a little wile. travel website farecompare cease drop in prices. the demand this summer seems to be down a little. airlines are likely to hold off on more fare hike attempt
from texas to the carolinas and south into florida. expect drenching rain, flooding and of course, a whole lot of humidity. severe storms over the dakotas. but we're lucky out here in the northeast, with sunny and dry conditions, for now, though. >> for now. sweltering triple-digit temps in phoenix and boise. just slightly cooler, mid to high 90s in sacramento, salt lake city and billings. most other spots around the nation can plan on mid to high 80s. good to see lower temps after the last two weeks or so. >>> well, coming up, is the fed ready to take new action to kick-start the economy. >>> and on top of that, a steel-plated new car guarantee. a full refund, your money back no questions asked. >> like that. >>> and the woman who got more than she bargained for when she went fishing, snagging herself a shark. >>> welcome back, everybody. there's a growing consensus among top economists that ben bernanke and the fed will step in to help the limping economy. almost half of the experts by "the wall street journal," say the federal reserve will take action because the economy appear
. thunderstorms from the texas gulf coast to florida and up to philly. monsoon storms in the rockies. it will be heating up in the plains. >> 90s across the rockies, plains, and southeast. 106 in phoenix. and 78 in seattle. >>> and coming up next after the break, the snack food competition that could have you eating caviar. how to win a million bucks. >>> and the post office delivering a new batch of bad news on the brink of a new default. >>> hands off the hoff. the thieves who can't get enough of, believe it or not, david hasselhoff. he's going like hotcakes. >>> welcome back, everyone. wall street will try to build on its two-day rally. overseas markets are higher following the u.s. lead. investors are encouraged by solid earnings at key companies, including intel and honeywell. the s and p 500 is up. >>> the post office owes $5.5 billion to a retirees health plan. if congress doesn't take angst, it will miss the payment. >>> major fast food chain is ruffling feathers this morning. the president of chick-fil-a says he and his company are anti-ga mirnlg and are planning to stay tha
, you can see that players scurrying at the rangers/twins game in arlington texas. that storm caused a 45 minute delay. the rangers went on to win. both tracks of the green line reopened just in time for this morning's rush hour. the derailment in prince george's county is being blamed on the heat. it took all weekend to prepare the 1,000 foot section of damaged track near hyattsville. and a stretch near billy that buckled under the heat, crews worked overnight to repair the road. and we have seen people using umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. now you might need one to keep you dry. i think a lot of people have prayed for rain for these cooler temperatures. >> the ground is getting a little crunchy outside the area ones are a mixture of crack -- brown and green. right now not much in terms of rain. a little shower just south of denton, md.. even in shenandoah county, along interstate 81, just a few sprinkles. temperature-wide, in the district, 77. at leesburg for a change, it is noon and we are not talking about 90 degrees. 85-90 and partial sunshine. the vast majority of
their grandchildren, who visited from texas. it was not the best week to come. >> we lost power last night -- friday night. >> they wanted air-conditioning. >> tonight, their power is back and they are thrilled to be here. >> we are celebrating. >> one issue is the heat, that even for july. it never gets this tie-in -- hot in at ohio, where this family is from. >> is a little bit warmer. >> for many in the d.c. area -- >> about 18 years. >> this is a canned-this tradition. -- cannot mr. tradition. >> they come down like shooting stars. it is just gorgeous. >> as usual this year they did not disappoint. back out here live, look at the flags around the washington monument. over the last 10 or 15 minutes the wind has been picking up here on the national mall. over the last hour, we have seen a lot of lightning in the district toward virginia as well. thankfully, as many possible storms held off. not one drop of rain fell during or before the fireworks tonight. abc 7 news. >> thank you. hundreds of people across the country can call themselves citizens of the united states. abc 7 was at mount vernon for
hamburgers and french fries. a judge has sentenced a texas man to 22 years in prison for selling child pornography while he was at work. he worked at a wendy's drive through and would sell the pornography to customers who contacted him, but the buyers would use a password and he would slip a memory card into their food. >> i am shocked. >> horrified. >> very unusual. thought he was going to get away with it. >> police say the seized memory cards that images of children between the ages of 8 and 12 engaging in sex with other children and adults. >> police have identified a naked man who crashed a pickup truck into a dallas mall. investigators said arthur walker was covered with only a blanket when he drove his truck to the glass door of the sporting goods store. once inside, he stole some clothes and a pair of sneakers. walker is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> we will go straight into the weather. we had heavy rain across a good part of the area. this afternoon and evening fredericksburg had a lot of rain. the good news, all of the watches come up warnings, flash floo
of tax returns. the president headed to texas to raise more funds for his campaign, scheduled to appear in san antonio and austin this afternoon and into the evening. the first lady hit the campaign trail on friday in virginia. michelle obama scheduled to visit fredericksburg and charlottesville, two days after the president swung through the commonwealth. >> coming up, an investigation under way into a house sewing needles showed up in sandwiches on an international flight. >> star power onj the powerada testifying there was a hearing on capitol hill focusing on the tools to fight human trafficking over the next decade, like programs that help rehabilitate victim's. >> this was not only happening to children in africa, but children in every country including our own are being forced into slavery. >> an estimated 27 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. approximately 100,000 of those victims are in the united states. >> there are new questions about the safety of airline food after sewing needles were found in sandwiches on delta air lines flights. they were found
blamed for fires on both coasts and in texas. two men were killed at a soccer match after lightning hit the tree there were standing under. >> i heard what sounded like a bomb go off and in hit the top of the tree. it was like sparks and are going all the way down the tree. >> that same strike injured a third man. he is in stable condition at a houston hospital. a south carolina mother is speaking for the first time about her battle with a rare flesh eating bacteria. she had just given birth to twins when she noticed a spot on the back of for left leg. her first thought was it was a blood clot. it turned out to be a serious infection. acs undergone four surgeries to remove dead skin and dead tissue. >> i have received so much support. it's been overwhelming. i'm very grateful. even world wide i have gotten encouragement and support from people, i don't even know. >> doctors say that she could be headed home this week it for condition continues to improve. two women in north carolina and georgia are also battling the same infection. right now we are in the most contentious 48 hours so fa
from texas where everything is big, so she was expecting -- >> something big. >> what did you get? >> the 10 seconds. >> about 10 seconds of this. >> we saw three different really big, bright booms go off and we thought it was going to start. >> wow. coming up -- the days of lathering up with sunscreen can be -- could be in memory. what the ocean holds that [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, fresh-picked peaches are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> if you like to tan but hate lathering up with sunscreen researchers are working on a solution -- possibility of a sunscreen pill. scientists discovered coral has its own natural barrier to uv radiation. they want to take the chemicals and develop a p
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